“We have tried several different schools before finding our perfect fit at Pitt.  Pitt Academy has been a blessing to our family.  Our daughter loves going to school now!  At Pitt Academy, they give her the freedom to work at her individual level, while still being challenged to improve.  Pitt has a very positive environment for kids who have a variety of educational challenges.  Our daughter comes home from school with confidence because of the different approach they take to teach our kids.  They teach the way our kids learn.”

-Denise McGauley, Pitt Academy Parent



“We appreciate Pitt Academy.  Two of our children started attending Pitt in 2017 when they were both middle schoolers.  Since then our autistic son has learned to read and our daughter has more confidence in her school work.  They love going to school here!  They love the teachers, students and activities.  They just do not enjoy the 45 minute drive there each way, but it is so worth it!  Public school could only offer so much for my children in the special education program.  We know that Pitt offers our children the best for a bright, productive future!”

-Brandy Neuman, Pitt Academy Parent


“Our son Isaac is 8 years old and started attending Pitt this past year.  We couldn’t be more thrilled about our decision!  Every evening after school Isaac will ask us for “More Pitt” and he talks about his teachers.  We can already see that the environment and learning style are a wonderful fit for him, which is allowing him to grow and thrive.  We are so grateful for Pitt Academy! ”

-Garett & Becky Wall, Pitt Academy Parent

“Pitt Academy is superb and we are excited that our son has the opportunity to learn and grow in such an empowering environment!  We are amazed and humbled by the incredibly talented and dedicated teachers and staff who strive every day to support, encourage and gently guide each student to their own personal best in meaningful academics as well as independent life skills and social development.  Every student is welcomed, valued and appreciated for their unique abilities and talents.  By providing an unmatched level of individual attention and rich learning opportunities, Pitt Academy empowers each student to become a life long learner equipped with the knowledge and skills that will bring success well beyond high school. ”

-Holly Pepper, Pitt Academy Parent


“Sammy loves school at Pitt Academy. He has friends, learns at a pace that is tailored to his abilities, and participates wholly in school activities. They even script roles especially for him in school productions that allow him to express his dramatic side even though his speech is limited. His social, academic, and developmental growth has been tremendous. The staff at Pitt is amazing–the way they know Sammy, care for him, and understand his needs.”

-Dorislee Gilbert, Pitt Academy Parent


“Pitt Academy has been a great environment for my son.  This is his third year attending Pitt.  The teachers and staff at school are amazing and show up each day because they are committed to the students growth and well being.  The teachers and staff know each child, and can adapt learning for each of them.  At Pitt they are teaching school curriculum to the students, but more than that they are helping them develop into the best person they can be.  It is a positive and safe environment and a great place for learning. ”  

-Missy Mottley, Pitt Academy Parent



“Pitt Academy is OUR family!  Our lives have changed 100% for the better since coming here.  We have watched our daughter flourish as a young lady.  I thank Pitt Academy for having such a positive impact in our lives! #youarethebest!”

-Kristy Robertson, Pitt Academy PostGraduate Program Parent



“Pitt Academy has transformed our son from an anxious, introverted child into a confident, socially engaged young man.   We know the dedicated and supportive community at Pitt will continue to challenge and prepare him to be successful and his very best.  Thank you is not enough to show how grateful we are for Pitt Academy!”

-Jodie Miller, Pitt Academy PostGraduate Parent


“Before I started school at Pitt, I was overwhelmed at a traditional middle school due to the faster pace compared to my elementary school. At Pitt Academy, I was able to make friends, participate in Special Olympics and learn life skills. After graduating in 2009, I went to Jefferson Community and Technical College where I graduated in 2012. I am currently employed with Dreams with Wings as an Accounting Assistant where I help make a difference in the lives of others. I still compete in Special Olympics swimming, where I compete in the 50 and the 100 free. I greatly enjoyed my time at Pitt and would recommend it for anyone who has a student with learning differences.”

-Austin Stine, Pitt Academy Alumni


“We found Pitt Academy when my daughter was 6 years old.  It soon became our family and a second home for Hannah.  She spent 14 years at Pitt and we cherish those years.  Not only did Hannah receive a great education, but she developed amazing social and life skills.  Her teachers are like family still to this day and the friendships she developed in her time at Pitt have carried into adulthood.  Hannah now has a job in a restaurant and continues to use the skills she learned while at Pitt.  Finding Pitt Academy benefited Hannah tremendously!”

-Jill Johnson, Pitt Academy Alumni Parent