Admission Procedure

Please note that Pitt Academy does not accept “Walk-In” tours. Minimizing disruptions to our Students and Staff is a top priority. Therefore, all tours must be scheduled through calling our office staff at 502-966-6979.
Tours are typically scheduled Monday-Thursday mornings between 8:30 and 10:30 am. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

After your tour, if we feel that Pitt Academy may be a good fit for your child, we will then schedule a shadow visit. This will allow your child to spend a half or full day attending classes and will give our teacher(s) some time to get to know your child and evaluate their needs. We realize that every child is an individual and it is our goal to offer enrollment placement to students that we are best capable of serving.

Once enrollment is offered to your child, you will need to submit a completed application with all required documents (see admissions checklist), a recent picture of your child and the $500 non-refundable registration fee.

Admissions Checklist

  • Copy of a recent psycho-educational assessment conducted by a licensed psychologist if available
  • A diagnosis of a learning disability and/or attention-deficit disorder if available
  • A completed and signed admissions application
  • A $500 non-refundable registration fee
  • A copy of your child’s Birth certificate
  • Immunization certificate
  • Current school records/transcripts if you have available

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that Pitt Academy is frequently asked.  If your question is not addressed below, please contact us.  We welcome your questions or comments.

[email protected]

Where is Pitt Academy located? 
Pitt Academy is located at 7515 Westport Road Louisville KY 40222. To contact Pitt Academy, please call the main office at (502) 966-6979.

 What are school hours?
School hours are Monday – Friday, 7:40 am – 2:45 pm.

Who attends Pitt Academy? 
Pitt Academy attracts a diverse student population from communities throughout the Kentuckiana area.

How many students are in each class? 
To facilitate the continual assessment and individualized instruction essential to the Pitt experience, classes are small, with no more than 10–14 students per class. Classes and groups are designed to be as cohesive as possible, with special consideration paid to the age, social and language needs of the students involved. 

Can my child enter Pitt Academy mid-year? 
Yes. Pitt Academy accepts new students at any point during the school year, space permitting. Therefore, it is not unusual for students to begin at Pitt Academy mid-year after completing the admissions procedure.

Does Pitt Academy have a potty training policy? 
Yes. Pitt Academy requires students to be fully potty trained.  This means students are no longer wearing diapers or disposable underwear and can attend to their own hygiene needs.

Does Pitt Academy accept students with severe behavioral diagnosis? 
No.  We do not accept students with immediate history of harm against others/themselves or elopement issues as we are not staffed for those situations.