Classroom Instruction

Beginning with our youngest students and continuing through their high school experience, explicit instruction is offered in following directions, independent management of personal belongings and working cooperatively with peers.

All of Pitt Academy’s students are taught important life skills, for example: how to comparison shop, how to pay for items and check for the correct amount of change, how to read a menu, how to locate items and sections in stores, how to plan and prepare meals, how to use basic kitchen appliances, basic hygiene skills, communication skills, importance of safety, how to care for self and others, basic home and living skills (vacuum, dust, sweep, laundry, folding clothing), etc.

During high school, students begin incorporating work skills into their curriculum. Students take on responsibilities in the school store, assisting in the school office, as well as participating in jobs with the school cafeteria. They learn about the job application process, including: how to write a resume, how to apply for a job, what to expect during a job interview, how to answer questions appropriately, and acceptable behavior in the work place.

As students near graduation, Pitt Academy works closely with appropriate agencies to assist with each graduate’s transition to post secondary education or the job market.

Eligible Pitt Academy graduates are able to attend Carl D. Perkins Vocational Training Center in Eastern Kentucky at no cost for training, as well as food and lodging. For more information on Carl D. Perkins Vocational Center go to

The Community Based Instructional Program

Pitt Academy students go into the community to learn through engaging hands on experiences in real life environments. These experiences help students build collaboration skills, following directions and how to apply life skills into their surroundings.

Community Give Back Program

Pitt Academy students and staff are always grateful for those in our community that support our school.  As a way for us to give back to our community we started a “Community Give Back Program,” for our students.  This program provides a way for our students to show others how much they care and allows them the opportunity to develop a servant’s heart for others and their community. Events for this program have included volunteering at Dare to Care, Eastern Area Community Ministries, hosting school wide dress down days to raise funds for both Kosair Charities and the WHAS Crusade for Children, making holiday cards for hospital patients and those in nursing homes, holding blanket/clothing/hygiene items/canned food drives, and making Easter baskets for local children in need.

Workplace Instructional Program

Our junior and senior students, according to skill and ability levels,are job coached under the supervision of our Life Skills instructors. This program partners with multiple businesses throughout the city to promote independence.