Pitt Academy offers a fully accredited academic curriculum for Primary, Intermediate, Middle School and High School students. We offer instruction in Reading, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Religious education is provided utilizing Pflaum Gospel Weeklies, a Catholic publication. The curriculum is enhanced by Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education and our Life Skills Program. Our Life Skills Program offers instructional classes, community based instructional outings, as well as work place instruction.

Individualized and Hands-On Learning

At Pitt Academy we understand that not everyone learns at the same time or in the same way. Our individualized instruction is adapted for the unique needs of our students and our hands-on approach to learning actively engages all students at their ability level. Teachers utilize manipulatives and skills labs for students incorporating various learning styles.


In order to meet the needs of all of our students, technology based software and equipment are utilized. We want to ensure that technology is an integral part of the learning, teaching and administrative processes at Pitt Academy.

We feel it is an imperative skill for our students to be technologically literate.   Technology is a wonderful tool for our students to build and develop abilities and skills through the use of websites and applications. At Pitt Academy students have access to a state-of-the-art Mac Lab. Students receive weekly instruction in computer applications, use of search engines, as well as Internet safety. In addition, each classroom has desktop computers, which allow our teachers to further personalize instruction. Sets of Mac laptop computers and iPads are also available for student’s use while in the classroom in conjunction with instructional activities. Interactive white boards, RetroArm Kits, Smart individual and group response systems, and projectors help teachers present material to students in ways to meet their diverse needs.



Art education is essential for students with disabilities. It helps develop critical thinking skills, language skills, cooperative learning, self-confidence, self-awareness, sensory development and manual dexterity. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes with being able to be creative and expressive while completing a task.



The goal of Pitt Academy’s music program is to provide our students with a comprehensive music education that considers the diverse needs of our student body. The underlying philosophy is that the study of music provides benefits to all children. Music can be a motivating and fun way to teach all children, particularly children who have special learning needs.

Physical Education


Physical education instruction provides opportunities for our students to learn and participate in both fitness and sporting activities. The activities provide engaging ways to build self-confidence, problem solving, team building and cooperative interactions with others.

Standardized Assessments

Pitt Academy does not participate in state standardized assessments.