Postgraduate Program

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Postgraduate Program

Pitt Academy is excited to announce that we will be starting a Postgraduate Program launching in the Fall of 2018. This will be a two year program for Pitt Academy graduates.

The purpose of Pitt Academy’s postgraduate program is to serve as an academic and practical living extension of Pitt Academy’s current high school curriculum. The program will focus upon four pillars for the curriculum including functional academics, independent living instruction, community engagement, employment and vocational training.

The Four Pillars 

Functional Academics:

Each student is actively involved in the learning process of functional academic skills. These skills are pertinent to increasing each students’ individual participation within the community. Students will be immersed in instruction concentrating on reading, math, writing, and communication.

Independent Living Instruction:

The focal point of life skills instruction is to provide solutions to a myriad of situations students may encounter at home, work and within the community. This will be accomplished through the use of engaging and interactive activities, as well as role-playing of real-life scenarios and situations.

Community Engagement:

This pillar focuses to increase socialization opportunities, personal enrichment, and awareness of the student’s community while building the skills necessary to become a contributing member. Through this engagement students will increase positive interactions with those in their community, while learning appropriate behavior and collaboration skills.

Employment and Vocational Training:

Students will work with the Pitt Academy postgraduate staff and partnering agencies in employment and vocational training to gain skills desired by potential employers. This training will include resumes, interviews, task completion, appropriate workplace interactions, transportation, as well as adhering to workplace policies and procedures.

This enhancement of the existing curriculum would focus upon improving academic and functional achievement based on the individual student’s needs, taking into account the students strengths, preferences, and interests.

Our objectives to achieve our goals and meet our students needs include but are not limited to:

  • Providing socialization opportunities
  • Academic enrichment- such as partnerships with colleges/universities
  • Training and employment placement
  • Community Participation
  • Furtherance of independent living goals